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  • Acquisition/Rehabilitation/Resale Revolving Fund

    The purpose of the program is to purchase and rehabilitate locally-designated historic homes in order to combat the deterioration of historic housing stock and the erosion of neighborhood fabric that occurs when properties are demolished.
  • Bidding & Contracting Opportunities

    Purchasing makes available a complete list of formal bid documents and proposals at the City‘ s website under the bidding and contract opportunities tab.
  • Center City Housing Incentive Policy

    Provides financial incentives for multi-family housing projects in targeted areas within the original 36 square miles of the city, known as the Community Revitalization Action Group (CRAG) area.
  • Corridor Overlay Districts

    A zoning district to be mapped as an overlay to a corridor.
  • How to do business with COSA

    The Purchasing Division serves as your key and primary point of contact when the purchase of goods and services are required for the City. It is the division’s goal to develop this guide as a rewarding reference tool to help you navigate and understand the City’s procurement process including how to pursue City contracts. 
  • ICRIP Fee Waiver Program

    City and SAWS fee waivers 
  • Infill Housing Program

    Provide energy efficient affordable single-family homes in line with the housing policy goals of the ICRIP which promote reinvestment and revitalization in targeted areas of the City.
  • Land banking and Leveraging of City-owned Properties

    Designed to reduce the total number of abandoned/vacant properties in San Antonio and also to dispose of City-owned properties. 
  • Neighborhood & Community Plans

  • Neighborhood Conservation Districts

    Neighborhood Conservation Districts are zoning overlay designations, used as management tools to address the appropriateness of new and infill construction in both residential and commercial neighborhoods.
  • Office of Urban Renewal San Antonio

    Promotes efforts that eliminate urban blight and slums through legal activities such as slum clearance, redevelopment, rehabilitation and conservation. 
  • Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation

    Financially assists low-moderate income owner-occupied households to rehabilitate their substandard and non-code compliant residential properties by means of providing low-interest loans or deferred payment loans to cover the cost of the needed repairs.
  • Procurement Methods

    The City’s Purchasing Division uses a variety of methods to procure goods and services.
  • Property for Sale

    City-owned properties and vacant parcels available for sell. 
  • Public Private Partnerships (P3)

    City of San Antonio adopted Public-Private Partnership (P3) Guidelines in order to facilitate and expand the use of P3s.
  • Rental Rehabilitation

    Not Funded

    Low-interest financing is available to rental landlords for the cost of repairs on multi-family investment rental property.
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

    Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a special funding tool used by the City of San Antonio to promote public and private investment in areas where little to no private sector investment is currently taking place.
  • Vendor Registration

    Vendor Registration

    Suppliers and contractors interested in bidding on goods and services required by the City must be a registered vendor.


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Does the City have programs that can assist homeowners with home repairs?
The City no longer administers the Owner-occupied Rehabilitation Program and the Minor Repair Program. See All FAQs...

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