REnewSA Goals:

A place-based approach to community development, REnewSA is a collaborative initiative aimed at restoring value and vitality to our neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

The efforts of REnewSA center on the following three goals:

REinvest in neighborhoods

REhabilitate homes

REvitalize commercial corridors

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Contractor or Developer

Find available opportunities and information for San Antonio’s Development Community.


First-time Homebuyer, Homeowner or Renter

Helpful information for residents who own a home or are currently looking for a home to buy. Information for residents who own rental property.


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6 Steps to Homeownership

1. Attend Homebuyers' CLUB Classes 
Attend Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) Homebuyers’ CLUB classes to obtain better understanding of the purchasing process, requirements, credit, home maintenance, etc.
2. Shop for a Loan 
Shop for your loan and choose a mortgage company or bank to finance the purchase.
3. Locate a Home 
Locate the home you want to purchase. A realtor may be able to help you, but the program does not require that a realtor represent you.
4. Enter Contract with Seller 
You must enter into an Earnest Money Contract with the seller and deposit a minimum of $500 with the title company as evidence of your intent to purchase home.
5. Determine Program Eligibility 
When your loan application is approved, the lender will submit the required information to DPCD. Your lender will determine if you are eligible for assistance under the HIP program or you can call DPCD
6. Approval! 
Once your lender submits a complete file to keep, a DPCD representative will process the file for Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP) approval



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City have programs that can assist homeowners with home repairs?
The City no longer administers the Owner-occupied Rehabilitation Program and the Minor Repair Program. See All FAQs...

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